Jon Beves (group leader) 2013-
Jon obtained his BSc (Hons) (2002) and MSc (2004) from the University of Sydney, under the supervision of Prof Len Lindoy FAA, before moving to Basel, Switzerland, for his PhD under the joint supervision of Prof Ed Constable and Prof Catherine Housecroft. From 2009-2012 he was a Swiss National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Edinburgh (UK) under the supervision of Prof David A. Leigh FRS. From March 2012 – February 2013 he was Research A/Prof at Nanjing University (China), and retains a visiting position at the university. In March 2013 he commenced his position at UNSW, and in June 2017 was awarded an ARC Future Fellowship (2017-2021) and promoted to Senior Lecturer.

Current group members:

Hasti Iranmanesh (PhD) 2014 – 2018
Hasti graduated with an MSc in Applied Chemistry from Semnan University, Iran. Her project aims to use photoredox active ruthenium(II) complexes as building blocks for the self-assembly of supramolecular cages, with cavities for guest binding.

Neil Mallo (PhD) 2015 –
Neil is from the Dutch village of Overasselt. He wears only black band t-shirts, but the photoswitchable organic compounds he studies are bright purple.

Ena Luis (PhD) 2016 –
Choosing what playlist to listen to in the lab is almost as much of a challenge as the project itself: building ruthenium-based components for self-assembly into cages.

Aaron Kennedy (PhD) 2016 –
Basically the same person as Ena, but male. And Kiwi.

Tom MacDonald (PhD) 2016 –
Tom is a Morris dancer and occasional musician, and studies photoswitchable organic compounds.

Past group members:

James Balshaw (Hons) 2013
Tristan de Cure Ryan (Hons) 2013
Chao Shen (MPhil) 2013-2015
Albert Woffenden (Undergraduate project) 2013
Jiajia Yang (MSc- visiting from Nanjing University, China) 2013-2014
Lin Zhu (PhD – visiting from Nanjing University, China) 2013
Nick de Haas (Undergraduate project) 2014
Doug Cullen (Undergraduate project, visiting from Edinburgh) 2014
Pi Wang (PhD – visiting from Zhejiang University, China) 2014-2015
Danyu Xia (PhD – visiting from Zhejiang University, China) 2014-2015
Kasun S. A. Arachchige (post-doc) 2015
Sandy Wong (Undergraduate project) 2015
Niamh Kyriacou (Summer project) 2015
Mark Seatang (Summer project) 2015
Kenny Liu (Undergraduate project) 2015
Alyssa Gilbert (Undergraduate project) 2015
Alexandra Tingey (Undergraduate project) 2015
Ena Luis (Hons) 2015
Patrick Brown (Hons) 2015
Arien Kadribasic (Hons) 2015-2016
Conor Newdick (Undergraduate project) 2016
Holly McEwen (Undergraduate project) 2016
Eric Foley (Undergraduate project) 2016
Nick de Haas (Honours) 2016
Matthew Teusner (Honours) 2016
Jin Kato (Undergraduate project) 2017
Hugh Russell (Undergraduate project) 2017
Michaela Wong (Undergraduate project) 2017
Paul Reardon (Undergraduate project) 2017

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